Shape, form, and glazing technique define my work. I strive to
create forms and glazes which combine harmoniously to make
something more than the sum of the parts.

My most recent body of work, entitled "Portals to the Past", is
inspired by the history of ancient civilizations. Each vessel with
its portal represents a ritualistic vessel meant to transport the
viewers thoughts back through time. Also new are my "biggie"
bowls. The bowls are roughly 30 inches around and glazed in a
multitude of colors. Some are reduction fired, like my purple
nebula and smokey sky deluxe glazes. The glazes are meant to
invoke thoughts of the skies and heavens above. The biggie
format is going to be extended to large, three foot tall, closed
forms and vases. After fifteen years of not doing functional ware
I'm developing a line of functional Work.

In addition to pursuing my own work I enjoy teaching children
and adults of all ages. I enjoy the challenge each student
presents; whether it's a child's first time on the wheel or an
adult with a physical disability. Helping each student reach their
goal is a reward in itself.